Mikel RouseMikel Rouse (Cons ’78)

Conservatory of Music and Dance
A New York-based composer and performer, Rouse has developed a trilogy of multimedia operas that played in theaters and festivals around the world. His compositions have been performed throughout the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Paulette SpencerPaulette Spencer (D.D.S. ’78, Ph.D. ’93)

School of Dentistry
Spencer is known internationally for her work in bioengineering. A Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, Spencer’s work focuses on the interface of tissue-materials interactions. Spencer is director of the University of Kansas Bioengineering Research Center and an Ackers Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Ann BattrellAnn Battrell (M.S. ’07)

Dental Hygiene
The executive director of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, Battrell is distinguished as the first dental hygienist and first former ADHA president to hold the office of executive director. In her role, she represents 150,000 dental hygienists across the country and has worked at a national level to address access to oral health.

Steven ObenhausSteven Obenhaus (B.A. ’88, M.A. ’96)

School of Education
Obenhaus harnessed his passion for math and teaching to serve humanitarian needs as a volunteer in Haiti using mathematics to track poor water conditions and discover fresh water. A Presidential Award winner for excellence in math and science teaching, he recently completed a year as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow in Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s office in Washington, D.C.

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