Photos by Dan Videtich // Fall 2013
  • Aadit Modi says 'Becoming an engineer for Intel is my dream job'.
  • Nate Vanderpool says 'I love being a ginger'.
  • Will Trumper says 'If there's one thing I'd change about myself it's to take more risks'.
  • Michael Doyle says 'I'm optimistic. If I wasn't, I wouldn't work for myself.'
  • Marissa Hamm says 'I must admire Ruth Bader Ginsburg.'
  • Mariccia Spearman says 'I'm the first in my family to receive a bachelor's degree.'
  • Kristina Zeigler says 'I'd like to be an advocate for those less fortunate in third world countries.'
  • Kristin Spear says 'I still feel like my biggest accomplishment is yet to come.'
  • Jiaojiao Zhang says 'Sunshine, good relations and beautiful scenery make me happy.'
  • Hieu To says 'I admire my mom, because she's so strong and determined about everything.'
  • George Palomares says 'I want to have my own dental practice.'
  • Dorniece Ferguson says 'I'm most afraid of not knowing what step to take next and being flustered with possibilities.'
  • Defrancis Young says 'I am determined and strong willed.'
  • Danielle Painter says 'Laughing is the best medicine.'
  • Courtney Gibson says 'The biggest lesson I've learned while in college is that you don't have to do what everyone else is doing.'
  • Connor Duncan says 'My biggest pet peeve is loud gum chewers.'
  • Caleb Files says 'The best lesson I've learned while in college is to ask for advice and be open to criticism.'
  • Brittany Jones says 'Best advice ever received: 'Don't step into adult shoes if you aren't ready'.'
  • Anna Riffe says 'Since college, I've learned that I'm not as smart as I thought I was.'
  • Adrienne Haynes says 'Unequal distribution of wealth, resources and justice frustrates me.'
  • Abdullah Alfirah says 'Soccer makes me happy.'
  • Rodolfo Zamudio says 'Being the first in my family to graduate inspires me.'
  • Rachell Richards says 'Things happen and we make mistakes, but keep pushing through even when you feel like giving up.'
  • Queeneica Hawkins says 'I hate when people judge other people without even knowing them.'
  • Nigarish Nawaz says 'When you think and do positive things, you will get positive results.'
  • Nick Jones says 'Music, visual arts and powerful words inspire me.'


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