Generation gap decoded

This is a listing of recent generations for individuals born in the United States. Dates are approximate, as recognized by demographers.

Millennials or Generation Y

Between the ages of 12 and 32. The older members are in the labor force while the younger members are completing their formal education. This group is known for being optimistic and goal-oriented. They enjoy collaboration and multitasking, are comfortable embracing emerging technologies and appreciate meaningful work.

Generation X

Between the ages of 33 and 47. The oldest members could be entering senior-level management roles while the younger members are entering or approaching mid-career and senior-level supervisory roles. They embrace technology, diversity and entrepreneurship.

Baby Boomers

Between the ages of 48 and 66. The older members have begun to retire from the labor force. This generation occupies most of the senior-level management roles. They are often stereotyped as extremely focused on work, and they possess a strong work ethic and desire recognition for their efforts.

Silent Generation

67 years or older. Most members have retired from the labor force, but they comprise a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience. Many believe this generation views work as an obligation. They respect authority, take rational approaches and produce quality work.

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