Blair Kauffman ’75, ’76
Law librarian and professor, Yale Law School

One of the things S. Blair Kauffman (J.D. ’75, MBA ’76) loved most about UMKC was the campus, especially the parks and neighborhoods that surround it. He spent most of his career on another beautiful campus: Yale.

Kauffman spent decades as a law librarian and professor at Yale Law School, but he isn’t the first Roo to fill that role. Harry Bitner, 1939 graduate, served as law librarian at Yale as well.

Over his 22 years at Yale, Kauffman says he had the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant students and faculty members in the world.

“Yale is like an intellectual’s candy shop with endless choices, where every day offers opportunities to learn something new.”

Kauffman helped bring a number of unique collections and books to Yale. These include a Roman law collection and what’s reputed to be the most extensive collection of rare English law books ever assembled.

Kauffman retired earlier this year. Now he and his wife, Barbara, will enjoy a quieter life at their lake house.

“We are retreating to our house on a lake in the little seaside village of Bremen, Maine, where I can swim every day during the summer, eat fresh seafood and breathe that incredibly delicious, clean Maine air.”

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