Using social media to bring health care to a wider audience

By Bridget Koan

Amy Patel (M.D. ’11) is a rising star among breast radiology professionals, both for her work in health care and her use of social media to connect with colleagues, students and patients.As medical director of the Women’s Imaging Center at Liberty Hospital and assistant professor of Radiology at the UMKC School of Medicine, Patel has learned how important social media can be in making connections with patients, mentoring young professionals and engaging in meaningful discussion.

In October, Patel participated in a number of social media efforts as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. UMKC also took part in the conversation by holding a #UMKCChat with Patel via Twitter.

@UMKC Can you tell us why social media is a good communications tool for you and other health-care professionals? #UMKCChat

@AmyKPatel Social media is an incredible tool to connect with #medical colleagues locally, nationally and globally! That networking can lead to many collaborations, including manuscripts, #mentorship, sponsorships… the list goes on! #UMKCChat

@UMKC Why is social media an effective platform to interact with patients? #UMKCChat

@AmyKPatel We have incredible potential to reach #patients, particularly in #rural areas, to educate and advocate. This can assist in bridging the gap to #healthcare disparities. #UMKCChat

@AmyKPatel For me and where I practice in the #KansasCity area, it’s important to reach #women, especially in the age ranges of 30, 40-80+. @Facebook is a way in which @HospitalLiberty Women’s Imaging shares content with ALL women, but particularly attempting to reach #rural women #UMKCChat


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