Our Midwest region is all about transformations – a figure skater becomes a world-class surgeon, a horn player becomes a professional travel guru and a state’s attorney becomes a ninth-degree black belt. Use the links below to explore their stories.

ILLINOIS: Figure skating shaped surgeon’s skills

INDIANA: Track coach takes Roo legacy to Notre Dame

IOWA: Horn player creates career in travel industry

KANSAS: Pharmacy is in the family

MICHIGAN: Where tiny bubbles are a big deal

MINNESOTA: From the family farm to jam-packed audiences

MISSOURI: Musician finds home in global service

NEBRASKA: Physician investigates high-profile crimes

NORTH DAKOTA: Attorney named to World Martial Arts Hall of Fame

OHIO: Lawyer defends those most in need

SOUTH DAKOTA: Where coaching meets community

WISCONSIN: Connecting students with community





Southwest: Selfless service from food banks to concert halls
Southeast: Where offices range from animal shelters to the Statehouse