by Erick R. Schmidt // Fall 2011


The stench of five years of public appearances wafted throughout the office as Jessica Dickson, associate athletics director for external affairs, pulled Kasey’s costume from a bag. It was then that I knew this wouldn’t be a typical job. The mascot needed an update and it was about more than just freshening things up—it was time to update the face of the university.

Challenge 1: Mobility

Our graphic designer sketched a sleeker version of Kasey and developed a tail with an arch so it wouldn’t drag on the ground.

Challenge 2: Reality

The second round of sketches featured a narrower snout and larger ears. Even though the costume is realistic, you’ll never see Kasey without a shirt. Male kangaroos don’t have pouches, Dickson explained. “And if people see that he doesn’t have a pouch, they’ll point and wonder.” So please don’t point. We don’t want Kasey to develop a complex.

Challenge 3: Breathability

The previous costume had taken on an aroma not unlike real animals in the wild. The costume’s materials soaked up sweat like a sponge, so we focused on breathable materials that won’t harbor scents.

Challenge 4: Functionality

We focused on making a suit that was capable of throwing, catching, shooting, rolling and dancing (even Roos dance). To give Kasey some grip, football gloves were sewn into the hands.

Kasey’s new ensemble will be ready for the basketball team’s first practice of the 2011-12 season. And now you know exactly what goes on under the suit. –Illustration by Scollon Productions Inc.

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