by Amanda Bertholf // Spring 2013
Photo by Dan Videtich

Students get real-life training in the UMKC School of Pharmacy’s model pharmacy, created with support from H.E.B. Supermarkets and Hy-Vee Inc. It demonstrates the role of technology in the community pharmacy, how that technology assists pharmacists and frees them up to talk to patients on the other side of the counter.


The ScriptPro machine is stocked with M&Ms for demonstrations. “We’ll prescribe two every hour as needed for chocolate cravings,” says Cydney McQueen, PharmD. (above) In real pharmacies, the machine counts, dispenses and labels bottles. McQueen is an associate clinical professor of pharmacy practice and administration. She teaches a pharmacy practice and preparations course.



In rural, isolated areas, telepresence equipment can connect a patient with a pharmacist 1,000 miles away. The school uses it to communicate between campuses. “We might have a faculty member here and student in Columbia doing a role play exercise,” McQueen says.




In the compounding lab, adjacent to the model pharmacy, students can get hands-on experience and classroom instruction.





Over-the-counter medications line shelves outside the model pharmacy, simulating a real-life environment.

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