Some of our most philanthropic alumni hail from the Southeast. In this region you’ll meet alumni who serve as pastors, teachers, volunteer organizers and animal advocates. Use the links below to explore their stories.

ALABAMA: Using science for national security

ARKANSAS: Breaking down poverty barriers

FLORIDA: Missouri native now a national leader

GEORGIA: Pastor recalls civil rights march alongside Martin Luther King Jr.

KENTUCKY: Finding a new home at UMKC

LOUISIANA: Teaching students to unplug and reconnect

MISSISSIPPI: Engineering a career in changing industry

NORTH CAROLINA: Passion for volunteering leads to career helping kids

SOUTH CAROLINA: Retirement doesn’t stop dentist from giving back

TENNESSEE: Hygienist moves from dental health to mental health

VIRGINIA: Graduate’s cat rescue program protects animals around the world

WEST VIRGINIA: Empowering every child to be an athlete





Midwest: The physicians, attorneys and coaches in the heartland
Northeast: A region rooted in history