by Perspectives Staff // Spring 2013
Photo by Bob Steckmest

During the Great Depression, the creation of a university seemed impossible to many Kansas Citians. But for a dedicated few, it was a mission and a calling. Those who advocated for the formation of the University of Kansas City organized themselves as the first university Trustees and began their work years before the university ever opened its doors. Over the last 80 years, the Trustees have transitioned from a governing entity to a body of advocates. The board has helped the campus grow through its real estate holdings, attract students through its scholarship program, and garner more support through the establishment of the UMKC Foundation.

The Trustees are being honored with the 2013 Chancellor’s Medal, the highest non-academic award presented to volunteers who have shown UMKC unwavering support and service.

About the Trustees


Faculty awards for research provided by the Trustees at a value of more than $850,000.

$8 million

The value of the Trustees’ real estate holdings to benefit UMKC.

More than $37 million

The amount of support Trustees have contributed to the university for students, faculty, programs and buildings since 1980.


Number of properties Trustees have purchased within the university’s master plan area.


Percentage of elected Trustees who hold, or held, a CEO, CFO or COO position during their career.

Housing for Hospital Hill
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