Future Alumnae
Photo: Brandon Parigo

This year’s issue of Perspectives begins and ends with a simple question: What does the future hold?

The answer affects everyone, but especially children. When they grow up, what kind of world will they inherit? What will they see when they step out the front door?

Alumni shared their predictions through a survey that tackled topics including health, money, food and leisure.

Many think the world will be a better place. In 2050, people will live longer, homes will be more energy-efficient, even politics will be more respectful. Others were less optimistic: more technology but less human connection, greater wealth but only for an elite minority, longer lives but lower quality of life.

Expert UMKC alumni and faculty also weighed in. Their predictions ranged from the practical — better health technology, smaller homes and more home-grown food — to the fantastical — robots that perform surgery, mobile apps that detect disease, homes that are delivered in kits and much, much more.

In all those responses, one theme became quite clear: The future will bring advances and changes that few can imagine.

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