31 } Grace

Edie McClurg, B.A. ’67, of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fame started working at KCUR 89.3 FM her junior year. She went on to become production manager and then operations manager for the station.

32 } Mike’s tavern

The menu has changed over the years, but the pub at 54th Street and Troost Ave., remains a favorite hangout.

33 } Sustainability

Our Sierra Club Top 50 Cool School ranking

34 } Bill Black

Economics and Law Professor Bill Black is helping shape the national conversation about economic policy. He has been interviewed as many as 100 times in the last year by the national and international media.

35 } What lies beneath

The Richard L. Sutton Jr., Museum of Geosciences in Flarsheim Hall is home to ancient treasures from the deep, such as cephalopods (squid-like ocean dwellers) and fluid inclusions (rocks containing liquids). The museum features a collection of crinoids, or “starfish on a stick,” which were abundant in Kansas City, an area once ringed by a shallow sea. Another curiosity on display is an enormous fulgurite, or lightning rock, found in Clay County, Mo. Fulgurite is formed when lightning strikes the earth, and it fuses the silicon dioxide in its path into tube-shaped glass. The museum contains 2,400 rocks, minerals and fossil specimens. Visit for free during regular museum hours. Groups are encouraged to make appointments by calling 816-235-1334.

36 } Giving back

UMKC has made the president’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll 5 years in a row.

37 } Marr Sound Archives

There are a number of cool, valuable items in the Marr Sound Archives, located at Miller Nichols Library. One is a Bruce Springsteen advance promotional LP of Born to Run that was distributed to record store buyers in advance of the release. Before it was released to the general public, CBS changed the font of the title on the front of the album because they had just released a new Kenny Loggins LP with the same font. The advanced copy also had the recording session sheet in the jacket, making it quite rare. The archives are home to more than 300,000 sound recordings of jazz, blues, country and popular music; historic voices and authors reading their own works; vintage radio programs; classical and opera.

38 } Bells

The ringing of the Bounder Bells is a traditional element of UMKC’s commencement ceremonies. Located in the tower of Swinney Gymnasium, the Van Bergen 49-bell carillon was dedicated in 1989. The bells were purchased with donations from 90 Bounder Brothers, and a plaque commemorating those who donated is mounted on the bell tower base. Founded as a social fraternity in 1936, the Bounders were an integral part of campus life for 30 years. The name “Bounder” was derived from a British colloquialism that meant “ungentlemanly,” or, as the British might say, “a cad.” The Bounder Bells ring on the hour, are controlled by an electronic keyboard and can be programmed to play melodies including “Drink a Toast to Thee Forever.”

39 } Ruth Warrick

Actress, most notably Mrs. Citizen Kane and Phoebe Tyler on All My Children, ’37 theatre undergrad

40 } Greek life

UMKC is home to 16 fraternity and sorority chapters whose members volunteer locally at Children’s Mercy Hospital, Relay for Life, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Harvester’s Food Bank and others.

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Hello, blue skies

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