71 } Communiversity

Want to learn about mushrooms, the Argentine tango or Feng Shui? Communiversity offers a diverse range of classes for students and adults in the Kansas City community who want to kick their brains into gear.

72 } Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the Henry W. Bloch School of Management’s middle name. Students today are graduating into an increasingly global environment, and the Bloch School is ahead of the game when it comes to training the next generation of global entrepreneurs. In 2012, the Bloch School was ranked the world’s No. 1 university in innovation management research by the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Also, Bloch faculty members Michael Song, Mark Perry and Lisa Zhao are among the top 50 innovation management scholars in the world, with Song ranked No 1.

73 } Butterflies

On any given spring day, hundreds of butterflies flock to the Marion Bloch Garden at the Bloch School of Management.

74 } Bob Carpenter (B.A. ’75)

Sportscaster and television play-by-play announcer for Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals, former voice of the St. Louis Cardinals

75 } Starry nights

Helen Warkoczewski became a devoted amateur astronomer in the early 1940s, eventually pulling her husband, Stan, into her hobby as well. Stan was an electrical engineer and over the years, he built his wife several telescopes—his efforts culminated in a 900-pound, 16-inch telescope. The Warkoczewskis later became concerned about the eventual disposition of their telescope, and in 1964 offered it to Norman Royall Jr. Royall accepted the telescope as a gift, but it had to remain at the Warkoczewskis until he could find a place to install it on campus. Eventually, he found the perfect spot: the roof of Royall Hall. In 1974, the telescope was carefully moved from the Warkoczewskis’ backyard to the building’s roof and the UMKC Warkoczewski Observatory was created. Warko is open to the public on any clear Friday evening at 8:15 p.m. in the summer through fall.

76 } Bike Culture

UMKC has more than 50 bikes for loan as part of the Clean Commute Program. Plus, there are 20 bike racks on campus, ensuring students, faculty and staff always have a place to park their rides.

77 } University Barbershop

When it’s time for a little off the top, students, faculty, staff and community members rely on the University Barbershop. It opened in the University Center in 1960 when the cost of a haircut was $2. Over the years, the barbershop has offered services for men and women, including haircuts and leg waxing. For awhile, the barbershop discontinued offering perms for women because of the time it took to do one and the smell, which wafted to other parts of the University Center, leading to complaints. Many former students continue to have their hair cut at the barbershop long after they graduate.

78 } Pride

Being ranked the No. 5 Gay-Friendly College by Newsweek.

79 } Courtwarming

A week-long series of student events featuring skits, movies and a dance in the fall—often featuring quirky themes, like 1980s athletic wear—culminates in the crowning of a Courtwarming king and queen at the halftime of a men’s basketball game.

80 } Order

Ellen Suni, dean of the School of Law, has a little piece of the White House sitting on the corner of her desk. The UMKC Women’s Club gave her a gavel made of wood taken from the 1948-52 renovation of the White House. Harry S. Truman was president at the time. Blocks of wood removed from the White House were sold as souvenirs. Cecil C. Carstenson, a wood sculptor and an art faculty member, carved the block of wood and made it into a gavel. His wife, Blanche Williams Carstenson, was a member of the Women’s Club and the Carstensons gave the gavel to the group, who later passed it along to Dean Suni.








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