Many of our graduates in the Northeast center their careers around learning. Whether they’re training future nurses, helping students succeed in college or making art available to public, these alumni are helping others grow every day. Use the links below to explore their stories.

CONNECTICUT: Librarian wraps up 22-year career at Yale Law

DELAWARE: Childhood hobby becomes career

MARYLAND: Archivist honors father, grandfather with career in military history

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Passion for children, families drives nurse practitioner

NEW JERSEY: Embracing diversity in education

NEW YORK: Entrepreneur travels the globe for a living

PENNSYLVANIA: Making college possible for students of all abilities

RHODE ISLAND: Art curator sees herself as storyteller

VERMONT: Where volunteering trumps date night

Southeast: Where offices range from animal shelters to the Statehouse
Musician believes every child deserves music education