In this special issue, Kasey Kangaroo takes us on a tour across the U.S. to meet a UMKC graduate in every state!

We began planning for this special issue many months ago. We hoped to tell the story of the impact UMKC alumni have across the country day by day. From teachers and dentists to chefs and ranchers and martial arts gurus, our graduates are everywhere doing incredible work in their communities.

So we are taking you coast to coast to share a story from each state. Although we couldn’t have planned for it, as the stories and photos came together, the passion and thoughtfulness UMKC alumni have for their service blew us away each and every time. We’re proud of the kind of graduates this institution produces, and this project only deepened that appreciation. We hope you’ll find it inspiring too.

When you plan your next road trip, no matter what direction or town you pass through, know there’s a good chance a fellow Roo is running the pharmacy, teaching music, coaching baseball, managing the local accounting firm, or yes, even pulling you over when you speed.

So thank you to the alumni who took the time from their day-to-day commitments to share their stories, their journeys, their families and lives with us. We couldn’t be more honored to include them in this American road trip issue.

Happy travels!

Lisen Tammeus Mann


Pacific: Explore Pearl Harbor and the San Diego Zoo

Rocky Mountains: Stories of duty, philanthropy and everyday heroism

Southwest: Selfless service from food banks to concert halls

Midwest: The physicians, attorneys and coaches in the heartland

Southeast: Where offices range from animal shelters to the Statehouse

Northeast: A region rooted in history


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